Monday, August 19, 2019
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Zeynel Akkuş

Online Editor for The Newspaper 2018-19; Website ReDesign Project 2019

Black Mirror Is Cracked, but Not Broken

By: Zeynel Akkus Image Credit: Netflix “OMG! Did you see Black Mirror? It was amaaazing! It was just… I can’t describe it. Mind-blowing.” That’s the gist of...

Why You Should(n’t) Watch BoJack Horseman

By: Zeynel Akkus Photo Credit: Netflix A couple of months back, I saw a meme entitled “Best Adult Cartoons.” All of the expected shows were on...

To Be, or Who We Want to Be

By: Zeynel Akkus Photo Credits: Facebook - Tom Day In a novel* I read last summer, the sociopathic main character tried to understand human emotions and...
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