Sunday, January 19, 2020

About The Newspaper

The Newspaper has been University of Toronto’s primary independent publication since 1978.

We are entirely self-sufficient, relying solely on advertising revenue for our production costs. That means we are accountable not to shareholders or investors, but to U of T students and the community we serve.

All U of T community members, including students, staff and faculty are encouraged to contribute to The Newspaper.


Rel Ryann

Editor in Chief

Judy Hu

Managing Editor

Devin Ma

Web Developer

Dania Ismadi

Web Developer

Zeynel Akkus

Online Editor

Manjiri Deshpande

Opinions Editor

Frida Mar

Arts and Culture Co-Editor

Renna Keriazes

Arts and Culture Co-Editor

Jacob Himmelhoch

Illustration Editor

Carsten Von Wersebe

News Editor

The Newspaper is published by Planet Publications Inc., a non-profit organization.

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