How Does This Donor Relations Manager Spend Her Annual Salary of $90,000 During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Dawn Green is a 44-year-old donor relations manager working at the CAMH Foundation. Let us hear how she has been spending her $90,000 annual income lately. For context, she lives in a two-bedroom, two-bath loft close to Dufferin and Castlefield. Her roommate is none other than Punkie, her 14-year-old cat.

In a month, she spends $1,140 on a mortgage. She purchased her home for $741,000 two years ago and expected to pay it all off in two decades. Aside from that, her monthly expenses constitute $855 on other housing costs, $68 on the internet, $79 on phone bills, $400 on groceries, $10 on Spotify, $45 on pet-related expenses, and $100 on the internet takeout. Aside from that, she puts $250 a month in savings. These expenses add up to a total of $2947 per month.

Green has splurged $14,000 on a total bathroom renovation project. Another new purchase came in the form of a ring light, which cost her $30. It is ideal during video calls because it lights up her face. By working from home, she no longer spends anything on transportation. If you ask us, she made the right call when she bought a CMM Annette comfort bike for $300.

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