How Does This Couple Spend an Annual Income of $94,000 During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Jessie Skinner is a 34-year-old construction writing and research consultant. Melissa Embury, his partner, is a 38-year-old freelance writer and the editor-in-chief of the Community Edition. He has an annual income of $54,000, while she earns $40,000 per year for a combined total of $94,000.

In a month, the couple spends $2,250 on rent, $60 on internet, $560 on groceries, $160 on takeout, $72 on subscriptions, $90 on TTC fare, and $250 on car expenses. Other monthly expenses include $230 on therapy, $70 on cannabis, and $120 on pet-related expenses. Aside from these costs, they set aside $300 in savings as well. All in all, this means a grand total of $4162 a month in regular expenses.

They do not forget to treat themselves every now and then either. Recently, the couple spent $130 on a scratching post for their cat. Melissa shelled out $105 for a new set of lingerie from Blue Bella as well. To improve his back pain, Jessie bought a George Oliver reading armchair for $176. And last but not least, he also brought home a vintage 1985 REM tour shirt for $150.

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