By: Lillyanne Szabo

On a dreary Wednesday, MØ blessed the audience at the Danforth Music Hall with a show that was definitely worth the trip there through the falling snow. The Danish artist came to Toronto as a part of her world tour and launching of her new album, Forever Neverland.

ABRA, the opening act to MØ, first started the show with a few songs, such as “Roses” and “I Guess”, accompanied by her DJ. The soundcloud artist with a small cult following initially had trouble getting the attention of MØ’s audience; to the unfamiliar ear, much of her songs are quite similar. ABRA’s sound can be described as somewhere between lofi hip-hop beats and pop/jazz. She managed, though, to balance the chill mood with a sexy vibe, as well, allowing the audience to gain a better appreciation of ABRA’s style and poise. Her vocals and complimenting instrumental blended nicely together alongside her sleek fit, wearing her signature attire of sweatpants and a sports bra. ABRA fans were not dissatisfied.

When MØ came on stage, the crowd was beyond excited. They ate up everything the artist did: complimenting her outfit, screaming and whistling for her attention, some guy even begging her to “sit on my face”. Treating her as somewhat of a goddess, they were eager towards every song she and her band performed, many from her new album, including “I Want You” and “Imaginary Friend”. MØ even surprised her audience as she suddenly stepped into the crowd and made her way straight down the middle. She continued down the audience until somehow she went to the second floor seated-crowd, seriously confusing her audience as to how she managed to get up there in a matter of seconds. Perhaps adding to her godlike presence, the artist seemed to move like magic. MØ was exuberant and very much in love with her sound, making the performance a wonderful experience for the audience.

The audience, too, was a friendly pack of people. The venue was sold-out and the crowd was mostly on the younger-side, too. However, MØ’s music seemed to represent an area in which different kinds of people came together; a middle-point where edgy hipsters could mingle with mainstream pop-listeners and frat-boy types. Fans talked with other fans, despite being strangers, and all sang along together as MØ finally gave in and performed one of her best known songs, “Lean On”, originally released in 2015. I even ended up meeting the guy who begged for MØ to sit on his face and he and his friends were warm and welcoming. It was the kind of show where you didn’t have to know the words to every song and didn’t have to know the artist too well to enjoy.


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