The Newspaper Touches Themselves


By: Mandy Deshpande



In the spirit of love and sex, we thought it would be interesting to explore, and help you explore, being pleasured.To that end, the very lovely and helpful people over at Seduction provided us with a variety of sex toys and the like to review. Most might say the best way to review a product is to provide the facts … but here at the newspaper, we’re all about providing an experience! What better way to figure out if you’re interested in trying something than seeing how it went for someone else? And if you do end up interested, all the better—these products aren’t too expensive (<$30) and are definitely a great way to see a new side to however much sexual experience you already have! ADORE U SIA MINI-VIBRATOR For most women, vibrators provoke an orgasm. For me, the Adore U mini vibrator provoked  something the company probably never anticipated: an epiphany (in addition to an orgasm). Using the vibrator, I realized that unlike most great experiences, you can’t share this one out loud with everyone. The structure of the mini vibrator is a reflection of this—it’s only 3.5 inches long, hot pink and due to its shape, looks like a lipstick. It goes unnoticed and is easily hidden. Adore U understands that it is not acceptable to speak of our sexual preferences out loud in a crowded street like we would our palatary ones. We can’t always express our sexual fantasies openly and we definitely can’t leave our sex toys out in the open like we may our makeup, though the two may be just as commonly used. Adore U accepts this less-than-ideal outlook on self-pleasure and works around it by creating a portable and discreet product whilst doing its intended job aptly. What’s more, the portability of this product is a key benefit for me. Constantly commuting between two apartments and university throughout the week, its small size allows me to easily take it back and forth  while also keeping it covert. KAMA SUTRA PLEASURE BALM A comprehensive list of things I use in the bedroom: condoms and lube. Drab? A little, but I’ve never felt the need to push my comfort zone, nor did I know how. I’ve always been overwhelmed by the plethora of pleasure products and never been sure where to start exploring. However, recently I began using this minty pleasure balm. Though skeptical at first, I was impressed by the product. The balm is quite potent, so begin with a little, wait for the tingling and then incrementally apply more if needed. Despite the tingling subsiding relatively quickly, the aftermath leaves the region rather sensitive to touch and even to air. I would not recommend wearing thin underwear, a dress, and stepping out into windy weather if the balm is still on you, even if it’s just a short walk to the burrito place. On another note, the balm can also be used to combat a headache. The mint infused within the gel works wonders.  

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