Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mental Decluttering Collection

By: Jacob Himmelhoch, Natalia Zambrowicz, Corrina Fowlow, Frida Mar Jacob Himmelhoch (Illustration Editor)

The Winter Cling

By: Kana Bak You know what’s stupid? Feelings. Who knew that relationships required the reciprocation of emotional vulnerability? To some, the idea of letting someone into...

The Hotels I’ve Had Sex In.

By: Charlie Westrick If you know anything about my first semester at this prestigious, globally ranked university, you know I spent it fucking guys instead...

XXX Explicit Details XXX

By: Allie Bert During our time at Seduction, we learned a lot about how to go about buying what will work best for you. Here...

Queer Parties, Ontario Angels and Getting High

Artist Credit: Emma Hasaralejko By: Frida Mar (Arts & Culture Co-editor)

Mac Miller: Nobody Cares Until You’re Dead

By: Sarah Zhao On September 7th, 2018, American rapper Mac Miller tragically passed away at the youthful age of 26. It wasn’t long before the...

Do you have love for Empress Of?

By: Benjamin Cannon Empress Of took The Great Hall by storm last...

Self-Love: A Year of Dating Myself

Illustration Credit: Cordelia Cho By: Frida Mar (Arts & Culture Co-editor) Last October I...

Album Review: Cherry Glazerr

By: Tristan Bannerman When I first listened to Clementine Creevy, the force behind Cherry Glazerr,...

Phosphorescent Lights Up the Stage at Mod Club

Last Thursday, indie-folk singer/ songwriter Matthew Houck, who goes by the moniker Phosphorescent took the stage at Toronto’s intimate Mod Club. As I walked...

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