by Joe Howell

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love cycling in this city – Saving money! Getting buns of steel! Avoiding the freaks and weirdos on the TTC! - Bike Month has been making the activity even more enjoyable.

Since May 26, cyclists have been taking back the streets with group rides, communal breakfasts, drag racing, and art shows. With about a week to go until the month ends on June 21, there are still plenty of events left to attend.

On June 17, learn to upstage your smug locovore friends as one group showcases clever ways to do your grocery shopping on two wheels at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market. Besides the exhibit of “produce-carrying contraptions,” there will be also be free tune-ups and a parade at 6pm.

On Friday, the Bike Pirates are having a PWYC “pirate dance party” at 1292 Bloor St. West. It’ll presumably be on your feet, but you could, you know, bike to it. And if you don’t feel like shaking your money maker, that same night there’s an “ice cream ride” meeting in Riverdale Park at 6:30pm, heading along the Beltline trail for gelato and veal sandwiches at the Taste of Little Italy Festival. We’ve heard calories don’t count if you’re eating while riding.

Finally, on Saturday the City of Toronto is hosting a free cycling tour of Toronto’s military past. Meeting at Old Mill Station at 1pm, the ride will visit the sites of various French forts before ending at Fort York, where participants will get comped admission. Feel like cavalry on your dandy horse.

It all goes to show that biking isn’t just a good way to get in shape while saving the earth – it can also be a great way to experience the city in the summer. Don’t believe us yet? Find more rad events here. Remember, it’s not where you’re going, but how you’re getting there.

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