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Inspired by my recent viewing of Scorsese’s latest film (Shutter Island), this shot is a cross between the 7 & 7 (Whiskey and 7-Up) that de Niro’s character drinks in the classic gangster picture, Goodfellas, and - in keeping with the theme – the Godfather (a scotch and amaretto cocktail). To make, pour a shot glass half-full with your favorite type of whiskey (de Niro drank Seagram’s); then add a splash of amaretto liqueur, some 7-Up, and a cherry (or in bar-lingo, “a bullet”). Demand that the bartender make it popper style for extra fizz (a coaster is placed on top of the shot glass and shot is slammed on bar). Don’t forget to remove cherry with index and thumb before shooting . . . because a clean shot is a good shot. Then eat the cherry, of course.

- Cara Sabatini






This shot’s not about taste, it’s about function. If a quickly approaching deadline is paralyzing the writer within, and you need a little help to file the story on time, this is your shot.
The Deadline is equal parts vodka, Red Bull, and Coke. Coke, for its inky color; vodka, to loosen you up (preferably Prince Igor, a vodka that fits the writer’s budget); and Red Bull, to keep you going.
The ingredients are easy to find, so you don’t waste time away from your article. Get the coke from the pop machine down the hall; always keep vodka in your desk drawer; and buy a Red Bull from the corner shop, the walk will clear your head. Splash your face as you clean the coffee pot; great for mixing and stealthy serving.
File, baby, file!

- Helene Goderis

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