Punk is about tearing down institutional limitations and building new communities in their place. We seek to establish our own venues, our own voice, and our own community. Punk is a collective of individuals, not a rigid institution. Each is their own person, with their own beliefs and their own rules.

We utilize our sense of community to scrape together what we can from the resources available to us. Borrowing from our personal galleries to form exhibits. Borrowing from our own networks to spread announcements. Borrowing from our own experiences to create inclusive communities.

We acknowledge and harness the power of language to effect change. We reclaim language from those who use it as propaganda; who use it as a control device; who use it to further their wars; we reclaim language from those seeking to divide us and tell us how we should live our lives.

There is no concern for labels or categories. No one is concerned about what “looks punk.”

Punk is about expressing yourself. Punk encourages breaking free from the artistic institutions that exist only to pro t from the passion of others. DIY is born of disgust. Disgust towards the system of promoters and publishers that seek to force compromised values upon artists in the pursuit of greater pro ts. Print off your own zines, put on your own shows, and play with who you want to.

Punk thrives on participation, solidarity, criticism, feedback, and support. A safe community is absolutely necessary for punk to grow.

DIY venues are not just places where bands play on Saturday nights—they are cores of the community. They exhibit artwork and lms. They evolve from makeshift galleries to theatres to music halls overnight. It’s about the community, not the pageantry. It’s about what goes on inside the walls and not the money spent decorating them. It’s about making the space available to all, “paying what you can” rather than turning people away. It’s about providing a creative, open, and safe space to house a community, even if only for one night.

We seek to call out. Call out abuse, rapists, racists, and those who pro t from this. To bring it to your attention and force you to deal with it. To use language, or to change language, or to abandon it altogether if
needed, to draw attention to these wrongs. To reject the appropriation
of any culture. To dismantle transphobia, racism, sexism, homophobia,

ableism, and classism. Give priority to voices in the community who do not have priority in society. To have no tolerance for ANY of this violence. Hold yourself accountable. Hold your friends accountable. Be aware of the space you take up.

Punk is queerness, and without queerness there is no punk.

You need to destroy abusers. Abusers that are pillars of the community. Abusers that play in bands. Abusers that put on shows. Abusers that have social capital. NO TOLERANCE FOR ABUSERS AND RAPISTS. Do not play in their bands, do not go to their shows, cut them off. Create safe spaces by identifying abuse and dismantling the institutions that support it.

We document our movement. Punk bene ts from zines, photography, and lm. Punk needs to rely on the strength of the community and its ability to pool its scattered resources, all in the name of building a place for punk.

Punk draws in the disenfranchised and disillusioned. It is a reaction to the conformity of modern institutions and capitalistic motivations. We seek a community of people interested in living their own lifestyle, rather than one that has been prescribed for them. We are open to all forms of expression. If you have never picked up an instrument before, there is someone in the community willing to teach you, jam with you, or just listen to you.

And it’s not just about music. Artists help document and spread the word about upcoming events and new artists through self-publication of zines and posters.

Support these artists, support these bands, support these spaces anyway you can.

Punk embraces all forms of art. Embrace any form of expression. Spontaneity. Acceptance. Inclusiveness. These are the principles we are founded on. 

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